createStore is deprecated


Hello, attention, createStore est dépréciée. Ils préconisent désormais d'utiliser configureStore : 

Deprecated: **We recommend using the `configureStore` method of the `@reduxjs/toolkit` package**, which replaces `createStore`. Redux Toolkit is our recommended approach for writing Redux logic today, including store setup, reducers, data fetching, and more. **For more details, please read this Redux docs page:** **https://redux.js.org/introduction/why-rtk-is-redux-today** `configureStore` from Redux Toolkit is an improved version of `createStore` that simplifies setup and helps avoid common bugs. You should not be using the `redux` core package by itself today, except for learning purposes. The `createStore` method from the core `redux` package will not be removed, but we encourage all users to migrate to using Redux Toolkit for all Redux code. If you want to use `createStore` without this visual deprecation warning, use the `legacy_createStore` import instead: `import { legacy_createStore as createStore} from 'redux'`



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